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My new OTP

It's been ages since I post anything here. Haven't got much time since I started working. Time has passed. And I haven't came across interesting stuff because of the lack of time to find them. Recently I got crazy about a new pairing.
That is JOHNLOCK from the modern BBC adaptation of Sherlock.

Hey, this might be the first time a pairing I fantasize in a not BL drama/movie/whatever-that-can-be-watched will actually have a great probability of going canon. Season 3 really has me thinking that. As someone who always watch tv and start pairing the characters, I always dismissed them as 'my imagination'or 'my fantasies' and will always find ways to make myself reasonable, but season 3 is really obvious. To the point of I can't deny Sherlock has feelings for John already. Now I just need to wait for Season 4 & 5 for these two to get over their obstacles and be together in the end.

As Steven Moffat, one of the creator of the series said: "This is not a detective story but a story about a detective." Which I read it as his personal, friendship and romance life is put in the first place rather than solving cases. Which is why this story is really interesting.

But ARGH, since season 3 just came out... The creators already said season 4 will wait until 2016 :( and another 2 years for season 5 which they already have plotted out.

Ace Attorney 5 is announced!

It is 10 year anniversary announcement I think, I read it from Chinese site. Plus, there isn't much on the video. It just says Ace Attorney 5 announced. I think it should be at Capcom's site. I searched youtube and didn't find the video yet.
Here's where I watched from:

Here(can't find the video but the main page says Ace Attorney 5 development confirmed in Japanese):

I guess the popularity of the Ace Attorney movie pays off? I love it.

Initial D BL rambles

Yeah, there will soon be new Initial D anime this Nov I think(not sure it's Stage 5 anime series or movie or they might redo the whole series?). The last anime(4th Stage) was 2006? So many years! I thought the manga was already finished but it is still serializing!

I remember during 1999 the day before Chinese New Year I went to my uncle's house and saw my cousins watching rented VHS tapes of Initial D episode 1 and 2. It was the point of no return for me. I borrowed the two tapes and watch it at home repeatedly for the whole night and morning!

I love it so much at that time. I don't really care about cars actually(just like I don't really care about Gundam but I like the anime very much) but I just love it.

So yeah, I went to watch the whole Stage 1-4 anime these few days. I also start to read the manga and found out that it's good to read!(I thought it may be not as nice as anime because anime is better at portraying the speed in car racing. But I was so entertained and read until the end(not finished). I noticed some things I didn't notice in the past and I find that I couldn't remember anything of Stage 4. I was like: "Did I really watch Stage 4 in the past at all?"

So, as a fujioshi, I began to notice some things that make me think nonsense that I never thought of in the past. I began to ship Ryousuke & Takumi or even Keisuke & Takumi. In Stage 1, Ryousuke send Takumi roses LOL(I don't remember this). Of course, the roses meant nothing but polite and invitation to battle but you know how a fujioshi's mind works. XD ALSO, later in stage 4, Ryousuke came to the gas station to find Takumi and talk to him. After Ryousuke left, Takumi blushes and flustered that he couldn't speak hahaha. So yeah, Takumi has mancrush(when a man idolize another man non-sexually) on Ryousuke. But you know how I would interpret it in my fantasies.

After reading the manga, I find that there is actually a lot of Keisuke and Takumi interaction. Like in one of the later chapters Keisuke and Takumi sleep in a air-con room by themselves to prepare for the night battle because it was so hot and these two are Project D's aces and need to rest. Keisuke talk to Takumi but Takumi fell sleep so fast that he couldn't believe it. Later later after that, the whole Project D crew rented a whole cabin and Takumi is too cute(sleepyhead). He fell asleep too easily and zombied when waken up. XD

But my Ryousuke & Takumi pair ship got shaken a bit where Takumi got a golfer girlfriend TAT and during the chapters talking about Ryousuke past where 3 years ago, the girl that Ryousuke loves committed suicide. But anyway, it just intensifies my Ryousuke & Takumi fantasy ship actually where I think more weird things.

I'm really looking forward to the new anime. I wonder how the anime art would look like too. Shigeno-sensei's art looks really different from the past. Also, Ryousuke hairstyle look really different now. Plus, there are some panels where I can't distinguish Ryousuke with Takumi. I don't like the current art, there are some far shoot panels of characters and their faces look really stonic. Keisuke's hairline also look really flat and weird now.

Ys: Celceta no Junkai

I haven't post here forever. Actually I have a lot to post but I've been posting a lot at other places so I've become lazy to post here.

What I've been doing:
I translated an ongoing episodic cute and short animation(now episode 5) and put them at aarinfantasy. I'm supposed to post here too but haven't gone around to do so.

Trailer for the going to be out Ys!!! Great musics as usual!

Please make a ZWEI3 soon!!

Prince Maker Bravenss

I totally neglected my livejournal these days. I just released the English Translation of Prince Maker Braveness a few days ago. It is a simulation raising game like Princess Maker 2.

If you're interested in the game, you can download there:

On other side note, the newest chapter of Sekai Ichi Hatsukoi is out. Introducing a new character too. Still not sure what are his motives but he may come between Onodera and Masamune.

Devil Survivor 2

Ahahahaha, Devil Survivor 2 is officially the most funny game I played this year(well this year isn't over but I don't play that much games these days). The humor will definitely get to you.

Well, today I saw this and as a fujioshi this totally gets me laughing like hell. XDDD
Chief Yamato called you(Hero) after battle to gather at the government building. After call, Fumi(the girl at right of the pic) ask what the chief said. You can answer: "He said he likes me" Ahahahaha!! The funny thing is the MC is probably not wrong XD If you played the game, you would find that Yamato is pretty much infatuated with the Hero but treat everyone else like trash.

Wondering how Yamato look like? I found a very pretty fanart! It seems a lot of BL fanarts of MC & Yamato.

Of course this is not the only funny thing. This post really has a lot of funny quotes and Yamato infatuation with the Hero quotes XD

My favorites:
MC saying: Raiiiiinbowww! (XDDDD)

Makoto: "[MC], are you awake, I need to speak with you."
MC: "Pervert!"
Makoto: "W-What!? But I wasn't trying to-!"
Next Day:
*knocks on door*
Makoto: "[MC], I'm coming in.... I-Is that all right?"
MC: "Pervert!"
Makoto: "W-Why!? I haven't even entered the room yet...!"

Also the body examination day. Daichi, MC and Joe go peeping the girls(you can choose not to peep though).
(Daichi is worried he'll get caught by Makoto because of peeping the girls)
MC: Just tell them you're gay.
Daichi: Yeah, I could get away with it if I said I'm in love with Yamato..

MC is definitely slashy with Yamato.
Like when you tried to persuade Yamato to join your group:
Yamato: Ha... I see. Just as I yearned for you, now you are yearning for me.
The subplot about the Takoyaki with Yamato is also so cute where you(MC) tried to lure Yamato to eat the Takoyaki. hahaha. There are more. There thread has some more slashy lines too.

Shin Megami Tensei's series are always having depressing themes. Devil Survivor 1 is depressing and dark as hell. Devil Survivor 2 on the other hand too funny and relaxed, feels like doing missions all the time. But this is the most funny silent protagonist. His answers are always so funny.

Using dropbox to collaborate with game translating or collaborate with anything

Firstly, I'm taking another 2 weeks off Sherlock Holmes. The translation progress of Prince Maker is going very smoothly! I think another week or two can probably finish it.

Dropbox is a must have! I don't think I can go back to using the old method to collaborate.

- Install Dropbox desktop software. Dropbox integrates to windows explorer like a normal folder.
- Save files that need to be translated in Dropbox folder. We have folders "Chat"(for chat app), "Screenshots"(to communicate if words are hard to do)
- Make the folder a shared folder. Shared the folder with everyone that is in the team.

- Edit the files directly, it'll sync when you save it. It'll sync the files with everyone when they open the Dropbox software. You can see the icon changes when it is syncing so pretty handy.
- Any Edits to the file will let everyone on the team receive balloon notifications on what is edited/added/deleted. No screenshot as none of my teammembers are around to help me get a notification now :D But you know what it is right?

- There is even a external chat software I found that you can communicate with everyone in the team. Even though it'll create conflicting copies, but at least the chat will be kept for everyone in the team to see when they run the Dropbox application. Normal chat software can't do that. Before we use this software, we were using txt file(or any file) and changing the name of the file. It'll give notifications when we change the file name. As you can see we have a few of the chat app in different folders as individual chat about a certain topic(you can run multiple of the chat if it is put in different folders). We have GeneralChat, ScriptChat, GraphicsChat, Announcements/Questions(no chat here but to get a global msg across if he/she not around). To access them fast, I create shortcuts to my dock so I can check all of them at once after I launch Dropbox.
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It makes your music feel like new music

I'm addicted to ambience sound/reverb.
I installed a winamp plugin to enhance sounds. Anyone still using winamp?? I always get back to winamp after trying to use other players :( I'm personally not a fan of the enhanced sounds though so I stick with a lil enhancement(about the bass & treble stuff), probably can't even feel it myself. I'm not a fan because when a setting suits this song, it doesn't suit another song(because bass & treble is different in most songs). I really wish there's a software that can auto tune for every song me. Spider player lags so in the end I can't use it.

BUT, I found the ambience(which makes your music echo) to be very flattering to me. I even set it to 4 out of 10. The range of the ambience also set to 4/10. I try it out with a lot of songs.

I really love the cool ambience effect for all my songs!

This plugin, it is REALLY old but many ppl still find it the best free winamp DSP plugin:

If you have issues with it(for Vista and Windows 7) look at this thread for a wrapper:

This is my setting, you can change the ugly default skin also: