rikiki (rikiki_angel) wrote,

Love Prize In Viewfinder

Feels like so long ago when I heard Viewfinder is going to be animated. But I just saw the anime art. Looks great actually. Will be out Feb 29!
I'll translate a bit:
This is the invitation to the preview of ANiMiX's Viewfinder. This person is one of the 50 ppl that was picked for the event. Yamano-sensei was actually busy and couldn't come but the surprise is she skipped her work and came in the end. Yamano-sensei is really cute with yellow hair and wears like a girl. She says this is the first time she watched porn with so many ppl. *Lots of fangirling like saying Yamano-sensei sitting just a little behind her etc.* The anime is actually made quite good(she has low expectation as long as it's not that bad) and the face doesn't get spoilt and is quite close to the art. Also said the scale of H-ness is kind of big(Yay more meat). Lastly, the little parting present is a photo of Asami which is shown in the picture below.
Tags: babble

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