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Chinese artist intro: 触月MoonJ

It's a long time since I did this.
触月is one of the artist I know quite recently due to 盗墓笔记. Her 盗墓笔记 fanarts are everywhere. I guess it's unavoidable, they're very pretty. And also the main reason is she released 盗墓笔记 doujinshi. But she draw fanarts of all kinds of things though.
Sample pic, also my most fav(click to see original size):


All Doujin Info:

《惊蛰》盗墓笔记 Doujinshi (Most recent)

《足矣》Saiyuki Doujinshi (Stopped/Not released yet)

《拾年》盗墓笔记 Doujinshi
This one collaborated with a lot of other artists and authors.

《只有你听得到》特殊传说 Doujinshi
Collaborated with some other artists and authors

She also draws for some novel covers which I didn't mention.
Tags: blnovel, cartist

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