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Great news! The new TresTres April revealed that there'll be new Nakamura Shungiku anime and it's not Hybrid Child! Need to wait until Ciel May to find out. Which means! Junjou Romantica Season 3 isn't a dream!!!(even though still dunno what anime they're doing)

Also Junjou Romantica 10th year anniversary, release Junai Romantica 7 & Junjou Romantica 15 manga. The next 2 TresTres will serialize Junjou Romantica manga. TresTres June will have the live talk of SIH seiyuu recording(like the Talk corner last time) consists of seiyuu 近藤(Ritsu)、立花(Chiaki)、小信(Kisa)、前野(Yukina)、崛内(Yokozawa), Yukina seme is going to be in a bunch of uke... XD

Hybrid Child animation detail will also be revealed in Ciel May.

The Hattori's POV novel in this TresTres revealed the past before the high school graduation ceremony. The secret is when Hattori helped Chiaki with his tie, he swapped his tie with his, so Chiaki was wearing Hattori's tie and Hattori wearing Chiaki's tie. It's like the girl who wanted Hattori's shirt second button. Hattori also wear Chiaki's shirt(a bit small) because of the button episode with the girl.
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