rikiki (rikiki_angel) wrote,

It makes your music feel like new music

I'm addicted to ambience sound/reverb.
I installed a winamp plugin to enhance sounds. Anyone still using winamp?? I always get back to winamp after trying to use other players :( I'm personally not a fan of the enhanced sounds though so I stick with a lil enhancement(about the bass & treble stuff), probably can't even feel it myself. I'm not a fan because when a setting suits this song, it doesn't suit another song(because bass & treble is different in most songs). I really wish there's a software that can auto tune for every song me. Spider player lags so in the end I can't use it.

BUT, I found the ambience(which makes your music echo) to be very flattering to me. I even set it to 4 out of 10. The range of the ambience also set to 4/10. I try it out with a lot of songs.

I really love the cool ambience effect for all my songs!

This plugin, it is REALLY old but many ppl still find it the best free winamp DSP plugin:

If you have issues with it(for Vista and Windows 7) look at this thread for a wrapper:

This is my setting, you can change the ugly default skin also:
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