rikiki (rikiki_angel) wrote,

My new OTP

It's been ages since I post anything here. Haven't got much time since I started working. Time has passed. And I haven't came across interesting stuff because of the lack of time to find them. Recently I got crazy about a new pairing.
That is JOHNLOCK from the modern BBC adaptation of Sherlock.

Hey, this might be the first time a pairing I fantasize in a not BL drama/movie/whatever-that-can-be-watched will actually have a great probability of going canon. Season 3 really has me thinking that. As someone who always watch tv and start pairing the characters, I always dismissed them as 'my imagination'or 'my fantasies' and will always find ways to make myself reasonable, but season 3 is really obvious. To the point of I can't deny Sherlock has feelings for John already. Now I just need to wait for Season 4 & 5 for these two to get over their obstacles and be together in the end.

As Steven Moffat, one of the creator of the series said: "This is not a detective story but a story about a detective." Which I read it as his personal, friendship and romance life is put in the first place rather than solving cases. Which is why this story is really interesting.

But ARGH, since season 3 just came out... The creators already said season 4 will wait until 2016 :( and another 2 years for season 5 which they already have plotted out.
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