January 18th, 2012


There is something I don't understand

As I know Reflection of The Crescent Moon (弦月梦影), the China anime is confirmed that it was sold to someone else. I'll explain a little about this post of his:

His animation company is fine and he finally has a company name(which means his company is registered). He also has a lineup of 3 animation(probably not the type that we fujyoshi like) to make. But in the process, he was forced to sell his only asset, which is :Reflection of The Crescent Moon to someone else to raise some funds.

The post talks about his hardships. Not the type of post that rant and stuff, quite a good read actually. He said he came back to China last year June and has quite high ambition but the reality that keeps him awake is----he's in China. A lot of things happen the last 3-4 months. The starting investment to make a company that produce a honest film is totally out of his budget. The 27,000 that he made these years evaporated. At last he has no choice but to sell the copyright of his only property Crescent Moon to deal with the early phase of the investment crisis. This is the thing that he has trouble breaking the news to us.

Ok, hold on a bit here. When he's saying about Crescent Moon, he's saying in a way that Crescent Moon is no more aka 坑掉(the dreadful word in Chinese for things that will have no end which is unfinished, mostly this word can be seen with novels) He didn't say who bought it but the other party who bought Crescent Moon...what are they up to buying it? They're not releasing it? If not releasing it, what is the point of buying it? This is something I cannot understand.

The rest of the post is about a bit of introduction of the 3 animation lineup that his company is doing and his comments about China animation. About why China made 20 years of Japanese animation but the animation industry in China still can't get up.

Love Prize In Viewfinder

Feels like so long ago when I heard Viewfinder is going to be animated. But I just saw the anime art. Looks great actually. Will be out Feb 29!
I'll translate a bit:
This is the invitation to the preview of ANiMiX's Viewfinder. This person is one of the 50 ppl that was picked for the event. Yamano-sensei was actually busy and couldn't come but the surprise is she skipped her work and came in the end. Yamano-sensei is really cute with yellow hair and wears like a girl. She says this is the first time she watched porn with so many ppl. *Lots of fangirling like saying Yamano-sensei sitting just a little behind her etc.* The anime is actually made quite good(she has low expectation as long as it's not that bad) and the face doesn't get spoilt and is quite close to the art. Also said the scale of H-ness is kind of big(Yay more meat). Lastly, the little parting present is a photo of Asami which is shown in the picture below.

Ai no Kusabi vol1

It is really really beautiful & breathtaking but there is something that keep bothering me >.< I think most ppl won't notice or not concerned but I'm so bothered about Iason's voice. Unfortunately, I don't like the new Iason's voice. Itou Kentarou is still ok as Riki but Iason's soft velvety voice T-T is gone. It feels a really big chunk of emotion is gone from Iason.

Sorry for the rant but the voice is really bothering me(although I heard from the preview b4 but watching the full feels more distracting), maybe because I was too charmed by the old AnK Shiozawa-san's Iason. I shouldn't say so much about the voice. It's not that bad. Could be worse.

I have to say I'm really impressed with the visuals. It really feels very sci-fi (which is something I really love). Very detailed too. Even Gundam sci-fi-ness doesn't impressed me that much. The front part really skip scenes so fast. Ppl like me who read the novel b4 don't mind but I think those who watch it the first time probably is puzzled. Yeah, most ppl won't know the reason why Riki have sex with Mimea from watching the anime. Tarnish Iason's image is one of the reason but the main reason is a more personal one. He wanted to know how Iason would act, he wanted Iason to be jealous. The case with furniture Daryl is not that clear in the new OVA too.

From how I see the direction of the anime goes, after these 4 eps, there will be some kind of ending. Not the final ending but kind of like you watch the 1st OVA of the old Ai no Kusabi. It feels like the end of the part. Then they'll start ep5 with how Riki met Iason and go from there.

Actually, I think I have some more to say but I got distracted and forgot. Well, I'll end here.