May 10th, 2012


Devil Survivor 2

Ahahahaha, Devil Survivor 2 is officially the most funny game I played this year(well this year isn't over but I don't play that much games these days). The humor will definitely get to you.

Well, today I saw this and as a fujioshi this totally gets me laughing like hell. XDDD
Chief Yamato called you(Hero) after battle to gather at the government building. After call, Fumi(the girl at right of the pic) ask what the chief said. You can answer: "He said he likes me" Ahahahaha!! The funny thing is the MC is probably not wrong XD If you played the game, you would find that Yamato is pretty much infatuated with the Hero but treat everyone else like trash.

Wondering how Yamato look like? I found a very pretty fanart! It seems a lot of BL fanarts of MC & Yamato.

Of course this is not the only funny thing. This post really has a lot of funny quotes and Yamato infatuation with the Hero quotes XD

My favorites:
MC saying: Raiiiiinbowww! (XDDDD)

Makoto: "[MC], are you awake, I need to speak with you."
MC: "Pervert!"
Makoto: "W-What!? But I wasn't trying to-!"
Next Day:
*knocks on door*
Makoto: "[MC], I'm coming in.... I-Is that all right?"
MC: "Pervert!"
Makoto: "W-Why!? I haven't even entered the room yet...!"

Also the body examination day. Daichi, MC and Joe go peeping the girls(you can choose not to peep though).
(Daichi is worried he'll get caught by Makoto because of peeping the girls)
MC: Just tell them you're gay.
Daichi: Yeah, I could get away with it if I said I'm in love with Yamato..

MC is definitely slashy with Yamato.
Like when you tried to persuade Yamato to join your group:
Yamato: Ha... I see. Just as I yearned for you, now you are yearning for me.
The subplot about the Takoyaki with Yamato is also so cute where you(MC) tried to lure Yamato to eat the Takoyaki. hahaha. There are more. There thread has some more slashy lines too.

Shin Megami Tensei's series are always having depressing themes. Devil Survivor 1 is depressing and dark as hell. Devil Survivor 2 on the other hand too funny and relaxed, feels like doing missions all the time. But this is the most funny silent protagonist. His answers are always so funny.