SIH drama

I just listen to the SIH drama in the special First Season SIH+Super Lovers drama cd.
Remember the chapter that Takano & Onodera go to meet mangaka and sleep in a double bed together?
The drama start in the train where they're going back Tokyo. Takano slept on the train. After that, Onodera fell asleep in a cab & Takano carried him back to his house. Takano cook for the two of them. Onodera slept so soundly and never woke up until Takano finished cooking. Onodera found out that they managed to talk normally unlike the awkward silence when they were together before. Onodera wanted to go home quickly but like normal, is stopped and got hugged+kissed at the hallway. And after that Takano managed to get a peek of Onodera's house which is filed with rubbish. Takano went in like he's the owner and order Onodera to clean the house. That, Onodera is forced to spring cleaning for 5 hours. :D

Such a sweet chapter.


Great news! The new TresTres April revealed that there'll be new Nakamura Shungiku anime and it's not Hybrid Child! Need to wait until Ciel May to find out. Which means! Junjou Romantica Season 3 isn't a dream!!!(even though still dunno what anime they're doing)

Also Junjou Romantica 10th year anniversary, release Junai Romantica 7 & Junjou Romantica 15 manga. The next 2 TresTres will serialize Junjou Romantica manga. TresTres June will have the live talk of SIH seiyuu recording(like the Talk corner last time) consists of seiyuu 近藤(Ritsu)、立花(Chiaki)、小信(Kisa)、前野(Yukina)、崛内(Yokozawa), Yukina seme is going to be in a bunch of uke... XD

Hybrid Child animation detail will also be revealed in Ciel May.

The Hattori's POV novel in this TresTres revealed the past before the high school graduation ceremony. The secret is when Hattori helped Chiaki with his tie, he swapped his tie with his, so Chiaki was wearing Hattori's tie and Hattori wearing Chiaki's tie. It's like the girl who wanted Hattori's shirt second button. Hattori also wear Chiaki's shirt(a bit small) because of the button episode with the girl.

The Main Character Uke Syndrome

There isn't a syndrome like this, I kind of coined it myself because I'm heavily infected by it. :P

What is this? This means you have a strong tendency to coin the main character as an uke if the seme/uke role isn't defined. This is something I noticed for some time and it is kind of interesting to think of.

I recently watched Tiger and Bunny and I view Kotetsu ojisan as an uke. He isn't particularly uke-ish. Actually, he sometimes seems like seme. Actually, I could blame on my other fetish of liking older character as uke(年下攻). Bunny isn't really seme-ish. He isn't Kichiku(鬼蓄,腹黑) nor does he have particularly strong character. He breaks down and couldn't keep control of his anger.

Another example(main chara that is more seme than uke) I could think of now would be Gintama, I like Gin-san as uke even though he's super seme, super strong. Actually, I'm not really into pairing in Gintama. But I love Gintama like crazy. It's the only anime I feverishly pursue every week now. All others I read manga. Ahem, out of topic. In my mind, I kind of have a thin block Gin-san as seme. It's not like I'm totally against it but I'm not loving the idea.
This applies for all shounen titles. I pretty much view all of the main characters as uke. LOL

Probable Reason:
I think this kind of thing happen because when you read a BL novel or BL manga, the main chara is always uke or at least 80% of it. So I kind of got influenced with this idea. This is another thing worth pondering over. Why, mostly the main character is the uke? I think it's because mostly uke have richer emotional feelings/monologue to sympathize over. I think it is a mental thing. When you don't know what the seme thinks, he'll look more 'cool'.(Actually, like Junjou Romantica and a lot of BL novels, their is a lot of seme's POV too without much problem but they are still not the main character or their POV only set in the extra part of the novel,番外) Actually, it happens in shoujo too. Mostly, the main chara is the girl.

Do you have this problem?

Just finished Tiger & Bunny

What a great journey and the ending is well, not really an ending BUT a new beginning!!!

Which means it's really easy to make a second season. There's 2 movie in works I think. Not sure about second season. But the main mystery about the evil organization and one of the main bad guy, Lunatic is still not caught yet.

This anime got really high ratings in Japan so I'm sure I'll see more Tiger & Bunny soon.

Totally recommended. I love this anime so much. Lots of fangirl squeals from me when watching. Totally ship Bunny x Ojisan ahahahah.


I'm recently into...


Hell yeah! Don't let the name fool you. It is not a fluffy kid story. It is a commercially infused superhero story and his partner/sidekick story. Superheroes are good commercials for big brand names in the future.
It is reeeeeaaaaaaaly gooooood.
I watch it like a shounen-ai story hehehehe.
At first the OP song kind of weird and kind of turn me off but it seriously is great anime. I love the humor/jokes. I love the Ojisan main chara. Luv him Luv him hahaha. All of bunny silent laughs really make me shriek of BL fangirliness. I'm sorry but I can't help but think BL when he do that. Makes me thinks he love Tiger Ojisan. >.<

All aside, the story of each chara is good. I kind of engross into their stories for each episode.

Definitely a great recommend. Great superhero story. Great sci-fi(pretty impressed with the sci-fi-ness, very beautiful elaborate art(like the city design) that is not often found in anime, like the city and stuff). Great comedy. Great BL "hints" hehehe. I can almost feel a second season coming since this series is quite popular.

Chinese artist intro: 触月MoonJ

It's a long time since I did this.
触月is one of the artist I know quite recently due to 盗墓笔记. Her 盗墓笔记 fanarts are everywhere. I guess it's unavoidable, they're very pretty. And also the main reason is she released 盗墓笔记 doujinshi. But she draw fanarts of all kinds of things though.
Sample pic, also my most fav(click to see original size):


All Doujin Info:

《惊蛰》盗墓笔记 Doujinshi (Most recent)

《足矣》Saiyuki Doujinshi (Stopped/Not released yet)

《拾年》盗墓笔记 Doujinshi
This one collaborated with a lot of other artists and authors.

《只有你听得到》特殊传说 Doujinshi
Collaborated with some other artists and authors

She also draws for some novel covers which I didn't mention.

OMG!!!! Gohou Drug

I just knew that Gohou Drug is continued(now with a new name: Drug & Drop).
I reeeeeeaaaaaallly love Gohou Drug and I'm really happy it's continued. YAY!

Now I think about it, it was so long. I get to know Gohou Drug like 5 years ago when I go over to my friend's place and borrow/read her manga collection and the 3 volumes Gohou Drug is one of them.

Hehhehe, I'm sure before long Gohou Drug anime will be out.

Yokozawa's novel

Ahahaha, so cute.

The case of Yokozawa &............ Sorata. Woot, Sorata's first love. I never imagine the cat would be included ^^
Yokozawa is the matchmaker. It's not a cat. Can you guess who she is?
It's the seme's(hmm, I don't remember his name XD) bday and Yokozawa is thinking what to give to him, after frustrating about it he finally hear the seme complain about his key bag soooo....but unfortunately, the seme bought the same keybag with different colour. In the end, they exchanged the keybag.

Also said there is a great/big news about Junjou Romantica and will be release 'a bit' in April's TresTres. Lol, so mysterious. Always with the tactic to get my hopes up for Season 3 TAT

Ai no Kusabi vol1

It is really really beautiful & breathtaking but there is something that keep bothering me >.< I think most ppl won't notice or not concerned but I'm so bothered about Iason's voice. Unfortunately, I don't like the new Iason's voice. Itou Kentarou is still ok as Riki but Iason's soft velvety voice T-T is gone. It feels a really big chunk of emotion is gone from Iason.

Sorry for the rant but the voice is really bothering me(although I heard from the preview b4 but watching the full feels more distracting), maybe because I was too charmed by the old AnK Shiozawa-san's Iason. I shouldn't say so much about the voice. It's not that bad. Could be worse.

I have to say I'm really impressed with the visuals. It really feels very sci-fi (which is something I really love). Very detailed too. Even Gundam sci-fi-ness doesn't impressed me that much. The front part really skip scenes so fast. Ppl like me who read the novel b4 don't mind but I think those who watch it the first time probably is puzzled. Yeah, most ppl won't know the reason why Riki have sex with Mimea from watching the anime. Tarnish Iason's image is one of the reason but the main reason is a more personal one. He wanted to know how Iason would act, he wanted Iason to be jealous. The case with furniture Daryl is not that clear in the new OVA too.

From how I see the direction of the anime goes, after these 4 eps, there will be some kind of ending. Not the final ending but kind of like you watch the 1st OVA of the old Ai no Kusabi. It feels like the end of the part. Then they'll start ep5 with how Riki met Iason and go from there.

Actually, I think I have some more to say but I got distracted and forgot. Well, I'll end here.

Love Prize In Viewfinder

Feels like so long ago when I heard Viewfinder is going to be animated. But I just saw the anime art. Looks great actually. Will be out Feb 29!
I'll translate a bit:
This is the invitation to the preview of ANiMiX's Viewfinder. This person is one of the 50 ppl that was picked for the event. Yamano-sensei was actually busy and couldn't come but the surprise is she skipped her work and came in the end. Yamano-sensei is really cute with yellow hair and wears like a girl. She says this is the first time she watched porn with so many ppl. *Lots of fangirling like saying Yamano-sensei sitting just a little behind her etc.* The anime is actually made quite good(she has low expectation as long as it's not that bad) and the face doesn't get spoilt and is quite close to the art. Also said the scale of H-ness is kind of big(Yay more meat). Lastly, the little parting present is a photo of Asami which is shown in the picture below.