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rikiki_angel's Journal

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  • rikiki_angel@livejournal.com
#First, be warned that this journal may contain BL, Yaoi, Shounen Ai, MalexMale or simply Gay(if any of the terms doesn't ring a bell) relationship postings. Do not friend me if you don't like these stuffs since 90% of my locked posts are BL related ^^;; I know I can do an alternate filter for these but I'm lazy D: So I need to know you like BL for me to friend you.

Ok, now we've cleared the most important thing... This journal contains mostly Satose-san art and comic/manga, a little private scanslation of Chinese BL manhua, a little Chinese BL novel introduction that I read, some random songs and a little this and that. Most about me "Reminiscing the Past and Anticipating the Future" stuffs. Which means I may talk about things as old as my kid time or something very new but most of them will be BL.

Please post a little intro about yourself Here. I really love to know where you find my lj and why are you interested to friend me. ^^

DO friend if...
#Have passion for any BL related stuff.
#You like Chinese BL art, novel and stuff.
#Wanted to read Satose-san's comic/manga or see her art.

One of Satose-san's art:

Currently Scanslating this BL Manhua which is translated as Falling Snow Becomes White:

Currently Translating this Game(Not BL but has 3 BL pairing, the rest are girls), Prince Maker Braveness. This game is something like Princess Maker if anyone played it:
Prince Maker BravenessGB
This is a screenshot of the main menu page.
If anyone who knows Chinese wanted to help translate, please drop me a line! Me and Little Angel would be very happy because translating is a very slow process. (And because of my laziness too)
Now we have a site!:

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